Alaska (Winter and Summer) lyrics by Red Tape. Cut Tape.

This song is about Alaska. The harsh of Winter. The immediacy and profundity of summer when it finally shines through.

Winter (Joe Cyrus)

She looks for his face in a sea full of foam
Only to search in vain for a place called "home"
Only the calm water'll show you the whole floor
But the tears drop into ripples that drip on the whole shore
Daddy used to kiss her every night before bed
Now she'd no one to press their lips upon her since he's been dead
It's like living inside a dream: things swimming inside her head
With his image inside her mind denied by the limits her mind has set
Neighbors used to say she had a talented eye
She used to sit inside her garden painting violets at night
Naming the different stars as they kissed her with light
As she played in the drifting char of a system in plight
She withdrew into a shadow with a grimace engraved
Wishing up the moment she'd remember his face
Now they say they only see her once a year on that day
Looking from a window on a garden of gray
A seated silhouette behind a window of pain
Still breathing with a tremble while I see her hand raise
She puts her lips upon a pistol hopin it reciprocates
And right before the trigger's pulled she hears Him say "Wait!"

Summer (Wellis Fool)

In a flowerless field sits a man with his eyes closed
lost to the world he's remitted all the timezones
sitting silently and searching inside himself
seeking strength for a truth he has never felt
always the outcast
even as a little lad he couldn't give a little damn
everything felt fake
the dreams seemed real, the rest seemed a waste
so he started on the chase
of the dream that he needs to feel alive when awake
didn't know where it would take him only knew that he was going
so he packed his bags light in preparation for the motion
just a vessel in the ocean w/ a notion for completeness
catapulted forward from the doldrums of discreteness
molded all his weakness and turned it into sails
put the stars inside his compass and the his lungs produced the gales
but just like anything the sea gets boring
so he stopped at an island, secured all the mooring
Hopped off his boat & took a seat on the ground
and for the first time ever he tasted the profound