Unfold (Lyrics)


I hear the pitter-patter
The bitter laughter
It's like the rhythm has to mimic
How I'm living after
I've been sittin many minutes
Thinking how to live inside
The swollen city limits of my inner vision's eye.
The wishes I
would synthesize
Would come to fruition
but in an instant die.
This typifies how my mind
will dissect the finest nonsense
then take its life.
Breath by breath
I see no rest
I till the seed of death's tree
with flesh in ego's steps.
I see the depth the dream leads me
but I seek to explore more scenes on repeat
I chase moonbeams
in a search for the light
but the truth remains hidden
in the vision of the sky.
Sit inside the quiet
of the center of your mind
it is here the hidden luminary
really resides.

This is the movement
Feel the improvement
The music is a journey
where perpetual truth is
flowing from your veins
open to the change
fluidly in motion
but forever the same.

In a land of lost souls
feel I'm at a crossroads
But the movement in the music
never loses its hold.
Continuous canoeing through the fluid of life
Rescuing these human beings
with these lyrics of light.
I move between moods
like a shadow in time
indifferent to the images projected by lies.
Watching through the interim
the infinite abyss shift
Sifted through the limits of
inherent linguistics
Form reborn
each cord leads on
Each word
Each song
Each peak
Each trough
Pause brings sound
Sound leaves off
Dancing through the ether
as the planet revolves.
I sit inside a mirror
and I simply project,
but I came into this world
just to watch it reflect,
so I paint my own pictures
on a canvas of death,
Knowing that they're gone
by the end of this breath.



It's evident the energy
is elevating quick
I see it everyday
as the elements shift
Education crumbling
as an edifice splits,
remnants of ideas
that were antiquated quick
In the caverns of an ancient dream
the future resides.
Complete in its entirety
as humans unite.
Etched inside a pyramid
waiting for light
that is seen through your
experience and no other sight.
Just around the corner
from the New World Order
is a borderless community
where you are the author.
A self-sufficient nook
that is hidden from view
until you the vision
that's arisen in you.
It's given if you choose
to live in the view
that the infinite creator
is delivered with you.
So spin your silken dreams
until you break the cacoon
And spread your phoenix wings
to ascend to the truth.