El Especialista (from the forthcoming Gooniez album

In the front got your eyes locked in
Take a trip and arrive through the center of my lens
To the other side of time where the mind transcends
Feel the rise of the rhyme come alive and blend
With the muse's music, making every movement
To a momentary culminating dancing human
An enchanting truth that this enhancing mood
is from the trance inspired chants of all these handsome Goonies
Two by two, we taking hands in union
Breaking bread across the land like it's first communion
Advancing you, so take a chance or clue
Quit the game, ride the train and take a stand for you, it's
New improvement on the view for human
Put the frequency to June so you resume your blooming
Tune is equally distributed for all consumers
To be reaching for the peak of what we teach to students