My Crown (Lyrics)

I'm just a ripple singled out within my consciousness
Amalgam of the symbols written down by the anonymous
The base on which I sit and spin the tales of distant days
The page on which I raise the myth and place it in a way
That makes a living maze that shapes the changes in my days
Creates the space that gives me faith to face the hatred full of grace
Placed the flame of St Germaine into the stations through the game
"Initiate" through cyberspace into the nature of the name:
Joe's Iris
Showing him the rod-cone road
Supplying his poems with the eye's part of the whole known show
Flow's reliant on both parts, applying known and unknown
What hides behind the lies in time gives rise and lights my soul
My crown is my connection from my breath into the breathless
It's the neverending essence that gets lost in every message
It's best expressed in silence and it hides in every instance
When connected to your chest it's the way to live Infinite.