I Exist for You (Lyrics)


(i exist for you and you forever/it's the only truth we grew together)REPEAT THROUGHOUT.

Me and you being each other all of the time
creates the freedom for seeing that we are dreaming our lives
Just keep believing together and what you'll see as we rise
is all the seasons reveal their meaning when meeting our mind

Me and you being each other all of the time
creates the freedom for seeing that we are dreaming our lives
Just keep believing together and what you'll see as we rise
is just a feeling beyond the zenith of being alive!

Verse 1

I exist in every instance since existance exploded
From the initial split from the abyss, we've been twisting and moldin
You and I unfold in mystery through history's rollin
Play betwixt the misery and bliss of eternal moments
My only callin is for You, it's been like this since i've woken
And this is known throughout the universe since it could be spoken
It's been awhile since I told You, so I figured I'd own it
Came to me while i was trippin and it's truth, so I wrote it
In a past life, you were my wife, we'd kiss in the mornings
And watch the children sit and sleep beneath the trees until dawning
Then a patched light, would harass night, and bring forth the yawnings
of all the little miracles we made embracing as shamans
And I promise you what I bring to you as the rest unfolds is a King for you
The only thing he ever wanted was to sing for you
Only thing he ever wanted was this thing for you
Me and you: there's no tea for two. My whole being is believing this Me is You
Think it through and you'll see the truth: from the beginning to the end I EXIST FOR YOU


Verse 2

I exist because my parents kissed and cherished a moment
The marriage caused my mom embarassment: her parents disowned her
And the baby she was carrying alone at the alter
Her plan to be a family with my then-to-be father faltered
Had to handle the insanity circumstance had to offer
No help from either side despite the birth of a daughter
The yells and screams propelled the scenes of fear in their eyes
And I felt the need to shelter me inside of my mind
As I grew a little older than I started to see
That the money struggle separates what we can be
No truth that we necesitate economy
Taking me from the purpose of living and being free
Giving and being me each minute that i dream
Spittin lyrics to exist that mimic the unseen
Vision in a rhythm flip a prism into speech
Mixed within the drum of each sample I tweek
The love beneath the humming is becoming the strings
Orchestrated in a matrix touching you as it teems
With the truth that I and you are simply one in the same
I exist for all my family which is YOU in this case


Verse 3

I'm created from the flavors of the people I meet
I take a piece of every person and mix 'em inside of me
I moved from Pennsylvania to Portland pursuing dreams
Mixing music into portions fused with personalities
You created the amalgamation making you these beats
From the fountains of imagination's sacred imagery
From the mountains to the lakes to outer space's deepest reach
To the center of your chest where every breath returns to sleep
Peace inside the sweet design of every speech's beaming key
As it links inside the locks your mind believes it keeps from me
The clocks in space and time are simply stopped when you can Be
The lightning rod for this hip-hop to strike the people in the streets
To mic a needle to a beat
Light the evil in the bleak
To right the feeble lives the evil eye will fight to blink
You and I are yin and yang
All the same
Spinning free
I exist and you exist and we'll persist until complete