Cosmic Bloom

From the forthcoming Joe Cyrus album, 'The Space Between Thoughts'

This track is about adjusting the focus of your eyes and how doing so actually changes the entire world you are viewing... Think about that for a minute, go back and re-read that, think some more, and move forward when you're ready...

Verse 1

On my birth night, the first time that light struck my eyes
Felt the burst blind at first, then the worst hurt subside
Iris reduced allowing one side of truth
to arrive in my mind through a front-sighted viewslide
Once I'd attuned to this new kind of sight
my two eyes vie to dissect a one-sided life
Underside of my skull hides a light bulb for the fall
But I don't know that it's off while while my head's closed on top
Wide gaze, a blind sage alive on a wide stage
Age five, amazed by the time change of my days
Gaze fixed by the mind games of the matrix-wide plague
Eye slits on the pages education slides me
Dazed, riding a maze, while the rays hide in my brain
Eyes too wide to hide the light that shines behind my face
I lie awake at night and watch the lines shine in my room
Til the dream scene arrives and my eyes widen their zoom


Verse 2

Now my vision's switching rhythm while I shift into a dream
Sifting through the different prisms written deep inside of me
I sit in flickered images projected into scenes
That are mixed within my consciousness for God to talk to me
I walk inside my memories and talk into my past
Ancestors drinking coffee, watching from a different path
This is vast, it amasses all the pieces of me
As my eyes are moving rapidly and body's asleep
I see the deep gaze of a Greek sage call from the dreamstate
A long fall from a now-sought call from sweet grace
Said "you see fate made us meet in this place
In the space we conceived between days so you'd believe what I say"
(word) I guess it's easier to listen when I'm not inside limits
of the little vision given by my eyes (yeah)
He said i'm just modern version of his essence again
Then he vanished and I shifted my lens