Feel Good Music (Lyrics)

from the forthcoming Wellis Fool album, "Straw Pillars"

Dew drops mist
Sun kiss to dry
Eyes glisten in the morning
Rays split the sky
Haze lifts, legs shift
Shape shift alive
Dream haze
Raised quick
Face lift
and Smile
Each move made smooth
Day blooms in fire
Straight legged
Kung Fu
is life
So I take my motivation
from a straightening of spine
Blow the breath below my navel
Only chasin divine
In the mode of lonely waiting
for the moment in life
the culmination of my patience
slowly taking my time
Growing from the lonely state
Holding stasis to light
Feel the gold of lonely ancients
Yoga strengthens my shine
I chin ching
Tai chi inside
Chinese, rise steam
My chi combined
In the temple of my body
Mental sovereignly glides
Elemental to the pinnacle
Infinitely climb