Master of Compassion (Lyrics)

from the forthcoming Joe Cyrus debut LP, The Space Between Thoughts

Verse 1

In every life there's a search
that begins with your birth
the first word on earth
to burst through the dirt
The light burns in spurts
And turns with your hurt
The return to the work
To re-learn your worth
You first learn the terms
to discern what is different
Sittin in a class regurgitating a vision
Someone else has given you
the mirror for your mission
That concerns why you're here
your purpose for living
Listen to the rhythm of the planet
of the system
Where they planted your condition
In a vanity division
This is just a catalyst to activate
the analyst
And alchemize the animus
existing in this system
Persisting in the man who's just awakened to himself
And conditions now demand that he faces what he's dealt
Unlimited command from ethereal to wealth
The beginning and the end from bacteria to Self.
From the big bang came big change when this thing
called history brought its reign to this game
A mystery in this range and its aim is shifting in each
frame that takes shape
See, it's just a torus that the chorus of a metaphor
implored us to explore and tour the measure laid before us
Born inside a mineral and movement is the first of the minimal
experience you gain inside of earth
Appearing as a fern when you learn to first turn then work
toward the pinnacle of animal rebirth
Lurkin in emotion with reptilian devotion
In the ocean of your feelings with a million commotions
this is when a fish'll turn its vision to a person
when it first espies its image in the mirror on its surface
Consequent emerging of an animal to person
is the channel that we're surfing in the annals of our searching