Rule Yourself (Lyrics)

from the forthcoming Joe Cyrus debut LP The Space Between Thoughts

I grew up a white suburban kid
with purposes of servin in
the virgin version certain-ness
my parents turned to burden-ness
Observed and learned the words that churned
from teachers serving murder scripts
Burnin herbs and workin words to turn a verse for furthering
The fervent urge to search the world but lurk within a hermitage
That nurtures earth and firmly works to birth within me meritous
Marriage of song
Carried along
Various wrongs
I learned to skirt the hurt that lurked
Discerning where the error lived
Scary and long
Bearing the cross
Airing through song
The very magic fabric
That was buried in throngs
Terry along
In the merriment
We share in the fog
But the very fact we act from lack
is tearing me up
Reacting to condition from the vision we saw
Thinking our little living gimmick is a mission evolved
Riddles need solved
this will be all
I'm giving for y'all
Since the rest refuse to listen
I will live for this cause

No matter where I go, I see myself in the center
of all the matters that I know like a developed placenta
My nourishment is all the chatter that's blown
from all who enter
All who fall and call the catacomb home
the tall surrender
All the small who saw the wherewithal
To call the gall for rending
To "possible" our flaws as cause to bend the laws of mending
Our Gods are frauds from thought's marauds
that cause our own pretending,
Barrage the flock with thoughts of loss
and stop the neverending
Pause, for the stars, all the false is mirage
These walls will all fall if you watch how they form
Stall within the jaws of time get caught in the storm
Of the karma law that lulls the blind to snore in its roar
Ignore the force that binds the mind to roll in discord
And contorts the mind to buy the lies it told for its hold
On the world that hides the light that shines from all of its folds
But the wise unbind the ties of time to draw from the source

You may call yourself the king, but to me what does it mean?
It's an empty statement made to stake a claim on just a dream
See, it's mistaken faith that's placed on this belief
That with fame you may control the game and make a life with ease
But the hold you told your soul you own is filling you with greed
And the more you roll for ego thrones the more you face defeat
It's ashame to see emcees that think the same as '83
Reiterate and and masturbate, but master nothing but the breeze
I'm after something that is lasting and it happens
To fractal past the mass's pasts and passes into action
A lasting pact to master that which happens from our actions
And pass on that with mastered tracks that blast ya with this rapping
Disaster blasts the habitat for kings until they're captured
The aftermath of which imprisonment forces your rapture
After which what happens is your kingship becomes natural
Cause the subject ruled is just the fool that you were born to master! (your Self!)