[Untitled (No!)] (lyrics)

from the forthcoming 8-BZA album, Pieces of 8 Two!

Welcome to the year before it all goes down
We got Aliens arriving over China faking towns
Oil spills broken drills hope is killed in the now
From Obama's broken promises economy's clown
Monsanto's own financial holds what grows from the ground
Exposing holes for radiation glowing moments abound
We know the genome, so we clone the bones from the cows
Skull and bones foreclose the homes we own while masons hold the crown
So I took my motivation hold the page and wrote it down
Uphold the laws of preservation spoken word into a sound
Mold the walls of perpetration to creation from my mouth
While the halls of of maturation guide me patient through the crowd
Walk the fog in analog, talk the talk in catalog
Mark the chalk to datalog the dialogue with the Tao
While diction spits banana bars republics all fall down
Kanye's Western subjects call God, he walks on out