Occupy the Dungeon (Lyrics)

from the forthcoming Joe Cyrus solo debut, The Space Between Thoughts

Stuck inside the dungeon
Of the modern man's construction
Consumption is the function
and production from the puppets
Underground Republic and indoctrinated
Economy reminding me we're blindingly an object
I don't even get to vote for the man
In command of all the hope our money stole in the land
I awoke and once was froze in my stance
Til I composed my self and chose the microphone to be the stone in my hand
My life was chose to light the cold with rights I know that life upholds
to fight the mold I strive to rise to heights of old
Call me the ancient one that spits into the Ancient Sun
Sanat Kumara patiently awaited like an Asian Monk
Creation like Neruda meditation with the buddhas
Emaciated sage awakened the medula
Shaped within the full ness of the music revolution
Returning from the inner-state to take my place with Students

Illuminati try to hold the throne with Nazis
created operation paperclip to mold society
Agents form the basis of the matrix open widely
Your tied inside the eyes of Ra so God you follow blindly
The lie they hide inside the Bible at your side
Is that word for god applies to guys arrived to earth to mine
While the word survived the verse and made it to our mind
They made our face and faked our page enslavin us in time
Enter the temple of elemental potential
Your just an infinite symbol with a developing mental
Enveloped in the gelatin of Elohim's control
Sold as human skeletons propelled without Soul
Old as I can tell it is it's hell that you've evolved
Revolving lives irrelevant that fell into this vault
Now we must rebel again to well into the whole
Revolting in the cell we live to quell the dungeon's hold