Sea, the Beauty in Life (Lyrics)

from the forthcoming Joe Cyrus debut Full-length The Space Between Thoughts

From the moment I awake, the light hits my eyes
What I intake is a reflection of my feelings when I rise
Healing if I'm feeling it or kneeling to the skies
Otherwise what it's revealing is the killings of my mind
Dealing in the everyday existence of my life
what I'm weilding is the will to bring fruition through my rhymes
Listening to rhythms that are mimicing designs
that the infinite delivers in the mirrors of our times (yeah)
It's all a river that we're navigating through
Sometimes we're riding rapids then its placid as it moves
From the mountain to its mouth where the ocean beckons blue
Turn around and you can't catch the perspective that alludes
Perfection injected in the reflected projection
That a question erected connecting seconds with lessons
The method of my challenge for the balance that I'm wanting
is to really see the beauty in the moment that I'm holding

Verse 2

As I'm growing I've been noticing my motion in the moment
Taking note of my reaction as it happens and it's going
I focus on emotion as the ocean leads me forward
Reenact it, see what's lacking, free my past and then I own it
The patterns in my habits are the masters to my mind
The blueprint tracking madness through the actions I design
The movement I take as fluid to interpret as my life
But in truth there's nothing to it, just interpreting through time
Such is the case, but while I'm stuck in this place
I'm trying to find a way to face the day with sun despite the rain
Chase away the blues I viewed by dancing in the rays
Embrace the news I knew the truth by standing in its gaze
Everyday I face demands I place from what's around
On myself responsibility to heal this place with sound
Hear what life is telling me through revelry and wow
Feel the beauty that's enveloping, cause everything is NOW

I used to be the dude to break the news of all the bad
And thought that to expose the truth meant losing what I had
Moving through a lowly life accusing those with cash
Of colluding and abusing all the rest of us who lacked
But somehow I knew that that's a partial view of math
half of an equation with the other side still masked
I asked for information that was new and what was that?
That the struggle we created was from the fear of all our pasts (shit)
It's all reactive, happenstance we fashioned
back before we happened to inhabit on this flash pan
Habits that keep passing as a natural human plan
Moving the dream that seems to be the true reality of man
The stream completes its movement when it's viewed beyond the land
and the little beam that we once knew is seen as it stilll stands
in eternity unchanging, remaining the One true plan
The blueprint beyond human i express through these two hands