Ram's Horn (Lyrics)

from the forthcoming--yet to be titled--EP with Father Focus Confucius

It's been a minute since I
decide to finish a rhyme
I've been sittin in my position
with a listening mind
From the beginning
it's written within unlimited time
That the ending would see us spitting
so we finish in stride(gyeah) (4)
I woke and had a message
from my homey who said it's
About the time to pull our heads in
So we fully apprenticed
I think it could be genetic
To be so truly inventive
But the spit we mix is ancient
shit from brewing phonetics (8)
With focus and joe it's
a known the opus is dopeness
holy tomes have been opened
For all the chosen to know it
We growing from a lowly seed
and hoeing atonement
So open up your only eye
For Joey to flow in
Opponents take honus
of how you've blown a component
The Microphone I be owning
And my vocals keep honing
So don't forget to thank us kids for how we be on it
Cause the second that we vanquish it
The crowd will be calling.