from the forthcoming debut "the Space Between Thoughts"

Something's not right, man I'm sittin alone
Disconnected from the light while I'm wishin for home
I got a minute
So I plug some digits in the phone
Send a message to the misses
that I'm wishin her home
But she's gone4
Like every other moment in time
I try to focus on it but I know it's only in my mind
Only with the loneliest strides that hope denied
will I open up the holiest side that growth provides 8
Lonely in my home and awaiting a text
I got my Stoli and coke, contemplating what's next
I kinda get the feeling that I'm missing a step
When connecting to a person through this current disconnect
My current way to search is through elaborate hunt and peck
And I hang on every word I serve onto the internet
So many ways to chat and share, except they're lacking depth
Cause I'm missin somethin in your voice that died the day you left 16