A Dark Time in History featuring El*A*Kwents (Lyrics)

What's up with it?
How you living right now?
I hope this sees you in the future
With a limitless smile
You see I'm living in a past that is littered and foul
They got the innocent in prison and our people gunned down (4)
They call it racist
And it is faceless
Police given the order to deliver and waste them
Justice not delivered, and they can't even face it
White cops shooting blacks and they call it mistakin' (8)
There's no escapin
And it is baseless
Spannin the planet from the modern time to ancient
Taken for granted our humanity as amazing
Makin the standard the planning of separation
Commandin the planet's hands
Scannin the crowds' faces
Standing while cannons land
we hand in our proud nation
Brandin' for parentin'
Stampin our foul blazes
Ants in this barren land
Campin in hell's matrix