Kennedy Evolved LYRICS

This is how we flipping the music, come on and feel this
Listen how we ripping, improving upon the realness
This is how we get in a groove and become fearless
Everybody move and attune to be one feeling
Anybody stupid refusing to use their reason for speaking their truth is dreaming that we ain’t the true demons
Anyone to whom their whole being is for dealing
Everyone who feels any need for a full healing
It’s just the simple fact
the little man is plastic
Plastered as a bastard
til they put him in a casket
Master that gets minimized
and pigeon-holed as drastic
Activist politicized as radical or fascist
It’s just the classic
clashing of the classes
Drafted by the hidden eye 
And driven to disaster
This is given the time
We’re living life in a capture
So stick your fist up
Or get hit up by the rapture.