Initiation (Infinite Power) Lyrics

from the Joe Cyrus (fka Pluto) album, Initiation (2008 STLP)


It's an infinite power
let the music devour
your soul
it controls all moves by the hour
Every second
every minute
can't stop until it's finished
but it's never gonna finish
It's an infinite power 2x

Verse 1

I sit in a basement with a mask and a mace
Break tracks with a quick crack and laugh on tape
Lasting stamina over amateurs stammering overtures of glamour
Glorifying narrow glares, I'm panoramic camera
Pornographic Pantera, Thor's hammer
Slamming the earth's core and bring forth manna
Prana breathing Lama
Speak to Rama in dreams
Hiding like Osama in the right paw of the Sphinx
I write y'all
In a past life
A lettered labyrinth
On absynthe and acid you still couldn't conceive
Frequencies I generate
resonate high
As I penetrate renegade minds
Open or chosen to invigorate lives
Incinerate education
Masturbation of mind
Meditate for preservation
a return to divine
This is Initiation so tune into my eyes
Heart singing patient while liberation arrives


I'm a being seen as human
Teeming with hues seen as movement
Hallucinating creation
In the game of life I'm fluid
Getting straight-A grades in school
Though I was a truant
Too busy mixing tapes in my basements like fluids
Nostalgic alchemist
Alphabet altruist
Alabaster alter-bowing master of halibut
Fishing with hieroglyphics
Showering pictographic biscuits
River and mountain delivering down
in fountains of my wishes
Doubting mystifying figures
Mythic lies and dying misters
I'm supposed to dignify in idols or pictures
Pissed at pixelated painted saviors
Tainted by neighbor's interpretations of sayings
Misunderstood behaviors
Perfect presence/presents persist in heaven
Permeating your presence
Percussive murmurs of your essence
If you proceed with your questions
the blessing bleeds through to teach a lesson
so you can proceed through to heaven


Infinite powers dwell within hours spent
pent up in a basement
rent payment late cause the beat's an escape
Keep repeatin' like earthquakes in LA
An artist traveled farthest
To the darkest snare on the barren planet
to scrape his name on a granite plate
stranded on the standard refrain
played barren from cityscapes.
A pharaoh was raised
Blazing arrow flaring flaming
from a narrow movement known as human race
Days aged the dude to he grew a mangy main
opted for a mask to cap his face
He withdrew from life as he knew
as he grew to understand his aim
He removed from view to brew his brain
Til the bitch's ale tipped the scales
Sippin ale sitting there
Getting how the women fell
and men, too
into mental hell
The temples fell and he screamed
"Ah, shit. I'm supreme!"