Karma (Joe Cyrus Lyrics)

from the 2008 Joe Cyrus (fka Pluto) album, Initiation. *2008 STLP

*******Warning. This song contains explicit content utilized to express severity of truth. Do not proceed if you aren't ready for the dark side of man.********


Karma is controlled by you
So keep your eyes open for the evil you do
Cause what goes around comes around (True)
Whether it's things, or the people you screw

Verse 1

I'm not well versed in guns
but well-versed in hung
since birth, whale girth
a male rehearsed in tongue caressing.
First undressing your skirt
she thirsts for my essence
like star-burst fruit chews
her juice loose on my weapon.
Shooting with no discretion
Blue facial expression
Smith and Wesson cocked in Sue's mouth
Proof baked on your retina.
Mistakenly you sought truth
that's what I brought you
Taught you to watch for dudes
who got what you want, too.
Not rocks, but quick thoughts
hitting like cops do.
Slippin, impossible sitting dick
in your chicken's finger-lickin dish
Too tight to fit, Sue liked the clit bit
to loosen her pipes a bit,
to smooth the mood in the moonlight
so Pluto could finish your wife, Sue,
in the right.
The benefit? Right...
You and me both know wifey rolls
with tight ripe cherry not picked
in quite 3 whole...
Well, maybe...
Shit, who cares?
Years since she could stare in a mirror without tears
Not Sue's queer
Your fears spouting to fountains
when I stepped here.
Disrespect you by laying my head to rest near
you best clear
this place, like erased tapes for space
and watch that snake snappin
from the side of my waste.
(Uh, Karma, it'll get you boy. Gyeah)

Chorus 2x

Verse 2

On a weekend excursion
seeking virgins, I cruise
Choose few true beauties
easy work seekin her.
Blue eyes, brown skin
I found sin in Kim's smile
I bounce into her thighs
to make her chin grinning wide open
Broken lamps, what a dream
but not a requiem
I make Kim LIVE for the scene.
"What the fuck, bitch!?
My bad, I mean queen".
Her "badass" boyfriend
seemed glad to catch me
While he ran on the scene
his gat squeezed
while I'm laying on the bed
Naked with Kim draped
waist around my head.
Fake killer in this place
and you know it ain't me
Fast thinkin, so fake Jason
was wasted without haste.
Slow or "no" gat's the same
with my life at stake
might have faced retaliation
without causing a wake.
Pause and take a break...
"Yo, P, What happened to Kim?"
Exactly as expected
I kept packin it in.
Smackin her ass
like back in the past
Mom whacked me at 10
for selling crack to my dad
(I've always been bad).
You can call me your dad
like Kim and all the others
but like James Todd and Bond
when I'm, undercover.
that's what the girls see
but the world can see
that no other's quite like the "P"
(yeah, and that's Karma! uhh)

Chorus 2x

Verse 3

My final scene
spit at, got at
my final queen
pardon me
charged like amphetamines
I'm fallin deep
Rule 1:
Never let a bitch steal your heart
the four chambers can't be saved
once taken apart.
I'm lifted
blunt-breaking after work
open my door
and hun's takin off her skirt!
Basic thought:
break the cock
take the shot
no hesitation at the previous spot
I hate cops.
Got my first taste of bacon
when I came in the place
knew the "jake" from Cottman Ave
where I used to move weight.
He drew with no haste
face blue
his boots quaked
but he wasted few moves
to lose two shots from his case
Tupac in this place
"hail mary, save my soul"
Mind wary, and I'm losing control
Who's in control?
Burnt by a notion
no man is beyond in this ocean
of drama.
Mama taught the lesson
pop's enforced impression
Of course there's no progression
when the streets teach a lesson.
(When the streets seek a vengeance)

Chorus 2x