Fiend for Horns (Lyrics)

from the Joe Cyrus album, Initiation (2008 STLP)


The two wildcats
with 18 lives in rap
Five in the source mag?
You asking, "want fries with that?"
Disguised in black
to find you guys in drag that act
That's find for snacks, yo
but I want my cheese in stacks
Ease back with the unneeded feedback
I see past the weak traps
to seize the free snacks
so please, black
I seen fiends crack with these facts
in fact, what I need black
is my mouth to freeze these cats
The breeze I spat?
Faster than Vick on smack
cooler than ice with yak
deeper than hate in Iraq.
In contact with fate to taste my future days
Can't relay what It said
but I know, you'll know my name
and you'll know your place
Testing my faith is a mistake
I couldn't be shaken
with your hand in my face.
Saving the world's space
placing my words in orbit
lift-off can't be avoided
or the message contorted.
Those that ignore it...
you'll be my first targets
your hearts will be pardoned
faster than Chelsea Clinton's father.
These martyrs, victims of indignation
command the attention of the whole entire nation
Half-man, half-amazing when racing through these pages
so place your bets on the best racer
I'm laser with these statements
face it
You dudes misplaced all your hatred
Even before the facelift
The fakeness ruined your placement
Doomed for basement play
so who could take the stage?
Who could fade away the useless music of the day?
The genius got more penis than gay porno features
I seep through your speakers
like feet sweat through sneakers.
With one shot
the fun stops
my mouth cocked
from gun shots
I shine
your blind
from sun spots.
With one shot
I can't stop.
Nuns' tops come off
from the sound of my vocal cords
so watch me set it off like Osama
to bomb the world.

Hook 2x

Life is just a dream
so I'm fiendin for more
Every breath we breathe
is the moment we're born
if we live by the gun
then we'll die by the sword
if we live for the song
we'll come alive in the horns