Per Stephanie (Lyrics)

This song is retelling of the classic Greek myth between Persephone, Orpheus, and Hades, with a modern twist, of course.

from the Joe Cyrus album, Initiation *STLP 2008

(where did I lead this girl?)


Steph was a girl from around the way
and her man would always beat her
She went underground to find my lair
cause she knew that I could teach her
She could have gone back
but she chose to stay
so I led her to a window
and awoke the great
she saved her soul
and froze the pain
and this is the story of Stephanie:

Verse 1

It's Saturday night
masked avenger on the prowl
step away from seclusion
so I can move a crowd.
Underground home-body
dwelling in the cellar
alone probably
with yoga or karate in my villa.
Plastered poems
scattered on wall glowing
from shattered bone marrow
of plastic glow sticks.
Asses moving
but in the mood for no chicks
but my eyes cross path
with this girl I notice.
Green eyes, mean thighs
but it's the secret between us
that makes my pulse skip
like G.I.'s.
Spoke to her in a whisper
asked her who she's with
Said, "A guy named society
you might know him!"
"Know him?
He was my man in the past
but got mad
when I discovered his booby traps.
Truly, cutey,
maybe we can catch a movie."
She said, "My name is Stephanie.
You must be Plutey".


Verse 2

Weeks passed fast
but she never let me smash
I led her down into my lab
to peep my habitat.
Speakin deep secrets
beneath society's streets.
He probably would have killed her
if she hadn't been discrete.
Asanas and mantras
while paintin mandalas
Chantin rhymes written in Sanskrit
with Lamas
Learning proper
Burning candles
Turnin channels
awake with fern and handles
Words dismantled
But society got pissed
and he showed up at my door
demandin Steph be given over
(she's my girl!)
I said, "she can follow you
back above
but if you turn around
before the light
you're outta luck."
It was out of spite
I refused to fight
Shook his hand and said, "Good luck"
just to prove my might.
Told Steph to think of wisdom
as she walked toward the light
but remember my rhythms
that I bring you in the night.


Verse 3

A funny thing happens
to a man in distress
to mistrust your mistress
demanding respect
will just thrust her interest
to other prospects
and Pluto is a God
so it's even worse yet.
Evil lurkin in my tunnel
I'm workin subtle
murmur curses through a funnel
as my rebuttal.
Puddles of broken glass
dark seeds and garlic wreaths
donning the garden
leaving my dark scene
Steph started thinkin of the moments we made
longing dearly for a moment with fate
alone in a daze
Alice in the fountain of wonderland
Moan slippin from her mouth
as she's going.
Out of instinct, society didn't think
turned to help her out
with one blink
but she's with me.
Years ahead of the others
from her lover
and now she's underground,
no God above her.
Society in the past and stuck in wonder
slackin, but never grabbin
Steph's Under cover.

(And you led me down. You made a run, I hit the ground...)