The Moment (Lyrics)

This track represents the crown chakra, or moment of enlightenment, completing Initiation.

*STLP 2008

Verse 1

Munch mescaline
seek heaven
speak to Nephilim
free brethren
Secrets beneath the sky
breathe life
while I seek the devilish
Reaper creepin
Whether in streets
or in trees
with feathered friends
inhale weed
exhale CO2 in the steam
The heat never ends
The ear drummer for summer
Hear thunder
and peer with wonder
Wondering whether my peers
see me as another number
Can you trust a brother
just because you got his number?
Bust beer caps
when you leave your lover
While he will achieve that number
One in the sun
freedom fearing fanatic
addict acid Leary
rehabbed and released with fury
Serious as a panther
stalks in tandems of dancing stanzas
popped and locked
like the barrel stocked
with hammer back like Rambo
this is the anthem
with an amplified sample
get your hands in the air
your body amped in tantrums
A tantric vibing phantom
fuck your ear while commanding

Chorus 2x

The moment has risen
got you living for the rhythm
Opponents get with him
Or get driven from the shine
I speak how I live to elevate your mind
so complete how I give
intelligent design

Verse 2

My life's a passing thought
in the mind of a master vibe
ration my time with rhymes
comprised of divine lines
the wise act on advise
devised in the divine eye
I flash on the world's retina
Sublime and quick to hide
Masked cause they will forget ya
but your words will never die
Pages' immortal portals
in the torment of sage's cries
A dormant storm awakened
to hurricane form
a torrent to take as portent
or you'll burn in the torment born
Irish of blue hues
reflects my cool view
I'm mean, but even-tempered
whether serene or in full-feud
You fools pool through
on the narrow beam your balancin
but I'm a sparrow dancin
on dental floss
and when it's cut
I'll fly right out of this
Arena or main stage
I exit the cage of keepsake
and stake claim
on the moment beneath me
with the heart of a lion
I'm able to keep free
Able to see the moment
Alone in the deep sea.

Chorus 2x