Cosmos (Lyrics)

from the Joe Cyrus album, Initiation *STLP 2008

Verse 1

Fashion language like Thoth
My abode's a constellation
I'm hope
No consternation
I awoke through the plantation
of slaving for gold
Growing the globe's grove
from the yoke to an oak
An omen awakening chosen folk
Chosen by brain terminal
insane dendrites crawling
like termites
uncontrollable probes
Spokes from the center of the globe
Poking the terminal folks
poking their noses up
at Moses
Using their learning as cloaks
Against my preposed quotes
Floating on boats
Notes are passages past
The labyrinth of existence
Enigma of cash
The stigma of class
Especially "low"
Viewed in limbo with sin
Though the rich send their info
And tend to infiltrate your intro-
spective reflective kinfolk
And impress upon them
restrictive corrective insults.
We must deflect them and win

Chorus 2x

Cosmos is grand
thought of Chaos and then
My spirit took flight
like a dove in the wind
Let the light enter in
and your life will begin
God standing on the planet
in the form of a Man.

Verse 2

Cataclysmic actions
Akashically cataloged
Classified as classic
When rappin in analog
Digital disturbance
Electro-magnetic turbulence
Turning tetrahedrons like turbans
learning eternity
from street urchins
dispersing mystery school teachings
urgently urging me to seek and free
All persons concerned
with earning grace and peace
The rest of the herd
Believe me
You best observe
and revert
to be received above
To be a-grieved,
reprieved with no love
is worse
when earth's approaching
It's birthplace to burn
in a Helium sun
Peeling all covers created
by feelings of worthlessness
Perceived hurt and pain
Nursing a notion
of malnourishment
Fluorescent abortions
by so-called wordsmiths
Encourage and Support
the emerging corporate whores
While we reach forward
to re-merge in the Lord
We search with research
unearthed deep
in our etheric core.

Chorus 2x

Verse 3

Found Spirit lurking
beneath the surface
The surging current
flowing through
the gorge of purpose
The canyon and course
of service
Abandoned by most,
The workhorse servants
of a white ghost stranded
by the force of standards
Posted and enforced
by an extensive stansion
of man's networks
and white-shirt managers
Commanding dissension with work
I observe
The stars with direct experience
On my resume
my reference
is the pyramids.
Do my work
as an intermediary
media-carrying lyricist
Expedient in need-to-know areas
Right hemisphere brain excavator
Crane operating its stained prison interior
No gimmick or mimicked mirage
This is the God
Spitting limitless images hard
Infinite bars like he was with Jihad
Whether you sit at the mosque
or visit a cross
There's no limit
You infinite cause
You live in the sun
and you are God.

Chorus 2x