The Awakening (Lyrics)

This track is riddled with half-truths much like life. It's also riddled with the whole truth, much like life. Only political track on Initiation.

*STLP 2008

Sometimes the mass of lies
is so vast it gets past our eyes
and what's in front of us
we can't focus on
and we deny
I admit in the past I never got it
To admit, I refused cause the truth
was too alarmin
it's astonishing that Truman
knew the truth and kept it darkened
and since then
there's an agenda clandestine
to keep us harnessed
visited by aliens
the Grays at the equator
With advanced technologies
to amaze and daze our leaders
signed a treaty at Edward's Air Force Base
was escorted to meet
omnipotent Krll
from outer space
They agreed to abductions
for genetic manipulation
in exchange for cybernetics
and kinetics to advance the human race
But what became of the agreement
in truth is just a way
the invaders gained control
in subterranean bases
we built
and now we're entoombed
and can't escape
we must awaken or be doomed
to be enslaved.
So what of freemasons?
Are they behind all this complacence?
A society known as JASON
created to enslave us
Nelson Rockefeller
and NSC 5410
Trilateral Commission
meeting in Switzerland
On submarines beneath the poles
to keep away from the probes
They decided to kill Kennedy
cause his mouth was bout to blow
They created Vietnam and Tonkin
to help the economics
created AIDS to control the population
like tonics
Injected in vaccines of Hepatitis B
to destroy minorities and gays in cities
I mean
who really has sex with a junky
turns around and fucks a chick
but is a junky?
Kind of funny all the lies they passing by
like how Hitler got his money supply
from "our" guys
Who you think owned Union Bank?
Bush's grand father
the Grand-alter bowing Senator
who brought them to power
and now Zapata Oil
owned and operated by them
developed the technology
for off-shore drilling
This is where the drugs are shipped
and brought to our kids.
Not subjected to inspections
by the customs agents
That's right
population control by our own president
supplying cheap labor
for himself to get rich
and September 11th, in 1991
they created the New World Order
in a speech to the young

(check the facts
all the shit I'm saying is true
Call me a psycho
but this is what I've read
It's out there for you to research
but you're too busy watchin CSI
to use your mind
fuckin Sheeple
Well the sheep get fed to the slaughter
and unless you get mad start thinking
for yourself
this is what's about to happen
So just listen, ight?
fuck it)

RFID chips implanted in arms
by May 2008 you'll have to carry a card
National ID?
Just a step away from IV
as far as I see
they've already enslaved me
It's in your passport
so where you go
you'll be monitored
The police can search your house
without warrants like robbers
Hold you without a reason
no lawyer like this is treason
Torture you
till you bleedin
and hold you
without releasing
Why do they do it?
Cause they can
to keep you illusioned
to the Truth:
that you're a human
you're beautiful
and a being existing
in dimensions of heaven
and beyond
and this is a fake ride
that you take
as you're only

(Fuckin idiots. What the fuck is wrong with you?
Wake up. Wake up!
Look around.
Why you being slaves?
All of you.
Damn! Look at what you're doing everyday.
It's a miracle that you're alive.
Fuckin people
It's one billionth of a degree difference
and the existence and creation of this universe would collapse upon itself.
And you think you were put here to fuckin labor?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!)