So Nice (Lyrics)

This song is an attempt to write the things I went through down as I remembered them, embodying the voice of a past self, vernacular, etc. My sister, Shea, sings the chorus on the track.

from Initiation *STLP 2008

It's been such a rough couple a weeks,
and now this rain's just gettin inside of my head.
Can't stop reminiscing about the past,
All the things I did,
but you know it all helps you learn in the end.
So just listen and we'll see

Verse 1

Sittin by my window
see the rain drippin down
Hittin window panes
makin melodies of sound
My mind travels down a deep tunnel
reminisce when it went down
All these whispers seemin distant
from here and now
Shoppin at the mall
Coppin Iverson's involved
Flossin, just watchin
mom talking in a draw

"Hey baby, there's something I gotta say.
This might cause pain
but in the end you'll be okay."

"What is it mom?
just give it to me straight
I'm too busy chasin bitches
to play this silly game."

"Hey! It's Gregg.
I've decided we can't stay.
So we're gonna rent a townhouse
And move away today."

As the thought became real of moving
losing dude who'd had me raised
tears streamed fluidly
cooling my blue face
Whether stained
or drained
I truly thought the pain
would never leave
and I'm giving Mommy blame

Chorus 2x

(So Nice)
Hearing rain hit the panes
(So Nice)
Though the pain hits the brain
(So nice)
The feelin of my struggle in the game
(So nice)
Life teaching us each day and we gain.

Verse 2

Now a little older
Holdin anger in my speech
Actions seeming gangster
pulling heists amongst the streets
my life amongst the beats and sheets
I'm actin out amongst my peeps
Gettin drunk and smokin blunts
Thinking thug life is for me
Exploring the story
got me pouring like this rain
all my glory it's a shame
but I'm warring with the pain
Lying to my chick about my dealings
wheeling weed like steering wheels
turning g's
feeling like a shark in the sea
No seeds
Smoke weed to free myself from me
So he
proceeds blow in my nose
it froze me
holy smokes
my folks begin to overdose
he's comatose exposed to blow
and overblown
So I took my flow to Villanova
Thinking sober
but still sinkin
cooking soda
as my body's gettin older
Getting colder
learning from the code
but going over
In my home
I'm bout to explode
O, it's over.

Chorus 2x

Verse 3

I hear the rain on this day
clear the pain
washed away
On these dryer sheets
writing speech
keep the rain locked away
but we all got those days
where nothing goes right
Bring a rose to your chick
and she's humpin your body
No money and the bills piling high
thinking why
is the man in the sky
piss and cry on this guy
On a man who just tries
to get by in the rhythm spittin lines
Living light
and it's his time
It's a test
if you pass it
You a master of the math
If you don't
it won't last
With disaster you should laugh
Cause the meanness
makes the genius
have the means to overcome
all the demons
as a being
we all beat
to become One
You a sun shinin
even when the weather's glum
When you're the one cryin
it's your time to refind love
whether in the studio
or in your daily routine
your the artist
in your life
so in the darkness you can beam.