Nubian Revolt (Lyrics)

This is the quintessential piece on Initiation, embodying the complex, fractal approach of a budding Joe Cyrus.

*STLP 2008

(Pluto, Pluto, Pluto)

Verse 1

Desert Sidewinder
survive in any climate
mind of a Mayan scribe
aspiring to high-shaman
Ayahuasca addict
Eyes of a lion famished
Press the cactus button
Hide in the sky's dances
Acid flashbacks
Recording did much damage
Reportin my mind's scans
on the fourth discord of man
To mention dimensions
We'll start with the 8 notes
Dissect the overtones
144 in a boat
A, B, C
paddling Sirius' abode
Nephilim, nexus-watchers
Doctoring tubes that broke
Awoke from the egg's yoke
with Nibiru mining gold
Neanderthal turning rubix cube
to Nubian Revolt
Out-of-body, Altimira
petroglyphic code
All adhere to pre-historic
notions we uphold
I'll appear an altered
human animal enclothed
Sheepskin keeps me kin
to people's reason
to creep low.

Chorus 2x

History hiding mysteries
provided that we dig
Is it a modern mimicry
we're hiding from the kids?
Scientist survivalists
hintin at origins
piss on the high-mistress
your highness is a Bitch.

Verse 2

See me saddle a pale horsey
with a monkey on my back
Was told the apocalypse is imminent
get my money on track
use it to fund
machiavellian battles of the "bad"
while our well-meaning halo-team's
preparing Eden's comeback
prepare to leave your young one's
This one's for the grown
but only if your aura's bright enough
for night glow
Right Joe?!
My family might use my government
But Joe died in high-school
a democratic republican
Thug in him shed
for a love-sheath
and blood head
like a pimple ready to burst
to ease the pain once dead
Rebirth, I'm looking backward
to fast forward through
the vacuum to bring me back through
to the rapture again
My thousandth chance
as the man ending a voyeur's trip
sort of like a lawyer for God
screaming "pay me, bitch"
Since God's my dog
You might dub him, Pluto
I'm snatching my idol's name
Like a doll from voodoo
that's negative acupuncture
at this juncture in my life
So I capture Aladdin's lantern
ask him for a light.

Chorus 2x

Verse 3

This is the match sparking
the arson on wax art
so it's drippin on plastic
a seance for past parts
A bit of an actor
wearing a mask in this chapter
but look back to its start
to prepare for disaster
Learning black magic
with shamans called "black bastards"
rappin maniacs
chantin speaker-spell-casters
The steeple fell
But the people fell faster
unequal acceleration
like helicopters and saucers
Crop-circled the Earth
for a worthy pop-author
Found my Self in the center
The excalibur Arthur
Galvanized Galileo
Galaxy-gazing farther
Galloping gaily
over gullible grazing cattle
Guardian of underground galas
and graveyards
Gardener gardening with gamma rays
God's orders
Like Lebanon Cedar Center
Omphalos Oracle signal-sender
to the mothership's lead commander
On some other shit
like fiends demanding crack in jail
an arachnid blackened pale
from flasks of acrid ale
Media stories
Medicine feeding frenzying men
who really blend to be
better pretending