When the Wind Blows (Lyrics)

from the Joe Cyrus album, Initiation *STLP 2008


When the bow breaks
The cradle falls
You will die
When the wind blows
the cradle will rock
when it's time.

Verse 1

See him on the street
with a laser in his eye
Laser on the gun
with a razor on the tongue
Raised a hell-raiser
as a baby
never cried
Always knew when daddy left
he'd be crazy as a guy
Slangin cane
making bank
Payin jakes
claiming gangs
never changing stance
when it came to aiming things
Rockin brand name
with a chain the size of slaves
always riding
so he kept his eyes awake
Had a chick he kept at home
had a couple on the road
Made his money
paid his mama
with the money from the blow
Kind of funny
all his thoughts
as he built his house alone
"I wonder who can touch me?
I'm surrounded by this gold"
Til he found her one morning
in a dumpster at his home
Mama in a garbage bag
money in her palm
"Honey call the cops."
But she sat and just grinned
Set up by his chick
who was fuckin on his kin

Chorus 2x

Verse 2

Broken since his mama died
he's scopin for revenge
Chick moved to Oakland
while he's hopin to hit it big
With the coke in the stash
he's slopin while he skids
No money blowin product
broken Big's commandments
Glances in the mirror
while he's scannin his face
Hatred can't be clearer
so he glances away
He stands in the paint
can't stand to make a gain
Burnin chances as his reign
fades like dances in the rain
Gettin fed up
Makin calls to get 'em wet up
Get the cheddar fellas
We'll burn in hell until we get 'em
Forgettin bout his mama
All he's seeing is drama
Lama on the side as a replacement for karma
Armor on his body
with a shotty in his arms
sparkin ganjaa like Bob Marley
with no "Redemption Song"
Temptation taking over
cause the allure is too strong
Like a fisher with a lure
he's hooked on what's wrong

Chorus 2x

Verse 3

In a Lincoln with a ski mask
a match and these cracks
He sparked the eem fast
and relapsed
like fiends gassed
Crashed his whip at the rivals
he's homicidal
Survival on their minds
like religious revivals
He's Fivel playing with cats like that
and he's libel
to make a vital mistake
and be broken like an Idol
Smokin, gettin open
like Jehovah's Bible
Witnessing his demise
like he's wishing suicidal
As he climbed out the whip
his mind in a fit
he cried a little inside
thinking "this might be it"
His man to the back
with a fully packed clip
Tooley back and locked
like a truck in traffic
Shots from addicts
from the front and back quick
He's man was the one
doing backstabbin
Now when the wind blows
and the house crashes
you better not be in it
or I'll be there laughin

Chorus 2x