The Struggle (Lyrics)

The Struggle is the 7th, and center track on Initiation, signifying the Heart Chakra or center of life on earth. Enjoy

*STLP 2008

Verse 1

My mind and soul are collapsing
from the hold
of these mean streets
and gold
that got me looking for action
No relaxing on the phone
No relapsing into those
Mistakes that could break me
and return me to my hole
When I was a kid
the shit was easy
it never even crossed my mind
about the money and hungry life
and how it makes you blind
So please relieve me
and release me
cause it's easy
Believe me
To try and take this weed
and make the money come sleezy
but hey
When you got car payments
rent, doctor's bills
This cheese ain't heaven sent
You have to make it
take the milk and let it cook
ferment it til you can bake it
sell it by the block
take your cut
Jake's is
in my city like it's a convention
for bacon
Different recipes for the same meat
it's flagrant.
I'm hardened
Though as a child
I was smarter.
They took me
whooped me
broke me down
til I no longer
felt pain
I no longer feel the rain
as it pours
my umbrella is my weather vain
and it's raw
from these storms
but tomorrow
I feel sunrays
it's Sunday
but the only cross I'm seeing
is the hairs inside my scope
when I'm aiming at my demons
and believe me I'm fiendin'.

Chorus 2x

It's an everyday struggle
But we all go through it
The hustle is life
but we all go through it
So what you gon' do
when the times get ruff
You gon' give up?
Or turn to someone you love?

Verse 2

I know broke livin in a glass house
just a stone's throw from being open
good is stolen with smokin rounds
Golden days is old and
growing haze
and cold wind
blowing my face
is frozen
and we're enslaved without
knowing God
Knowing hard times
Like DMC run
from the truth of existence
It's wicked being me
Being free from liberation
Free to fight with ambition
Free to kill our neighbor
for Gold and go to prison, shit
It's no different than people been living it
since back when are parents bought
religion and cigarettes, shit
Now everything's unhealthy
Except watchin Tv
and stoppin your growth to get wealthy
The belt isn't wrestlin'
it's strapped across our backs
The ring ain't for a finger
it's an arena for blacks
whites, and asians
young, bright, but favored
to be placed in hatred
stripped from rights
so they're naked for life
Taken in quite a situation
make it a plight
Take a flight to take care
and run away from life
It's terminal
whether the soul's burnable
but if it is
I'm flame retardant
cause life is learn-able
stripes are earn-able
In the current climate
but in general
it's hard to plant the seed
when the kernel's drying