Necessary Connections (Lyrics)

from the forthcoming Joe Cyrus debut LP, The Space Between Thoughts

Another day in Portland, partly sunny out
City summer simmers somewhat beneath the city clouds
Sit in silence, soaking violet rays and seeking different sounds
Thinking bout the different seasons sweeping me to here and now
Even now, winter seemed to bring a change
Inner demons rearranged with the beacon of Tao
Pieces of a broken species froze indecent in clay
All unfold amidst the heat of golden seasons of change
I know the old me would go to all the old scenes
And watch it all control me in routines that I hate
So i open up my eyes and my chest with a breath
And reflect the life that manifests when people connect
The analects of the unanimous, magnanimous mind
Can reflect and will reflect the world's unamorous time
When the merits of our heritage are shared with human kind
And we universally accept the view, "we all shine"