Time is One (Lyrics)

from the forthcoming Joe Cyrus debut LP, The Space Between Thoughts

Verse 1

I woke up in the early morning
It's the same old fucking story
Life can be forever boring
Living like the last day
Workin til my bones are torn
and broken by the frozen storm
of hopin for a moment more
of livin in a past day
Thrown into the broken mold
Alone to be a fallin clone
Ahold, inside a stolen home
While living will just pass me
Prone to rome alone and
While my nose is froze in "prone" (position)
I found a rose unfold a poem
and deliver as my last chance
"Stop all the talkin"
it told me
"stop and just watch 'it'
The moment's not to be offered
It's only gone if we drop it"
If homies are prophets
Lowly songs are responses
to all we see and believe
in this holiest nonsense
Come...to the otherside of time
Where the mind will die
but there's something that survives
The love inside's alive
if you sit inside the quiet
of the vibe and smile...

Chorus 2X

Time is one
We can't rewind it, sun
Let's get together in the now
And reside in love
It provides enough
And requires none
Let's get together
For forever to arrive to us

Verse 2

The future is a pressing question
Suture in my mental essence
Brutal to the moment's message
Always has me hoping
Viewing only what I'm guessing
Moving from my only center
Brooding in a lonely pen that
Always has me choking
Proving to the world of men
I know the move before its end
I'll show and prove the worlds within
And all we be awoken
Truth alone is my conjecture
Views I chose to match my lecture
Who can hoe the soul's projections
Calling for atonement?
You could be the one directing
Humans to a new connection
Through the music your expressing
All can be the chosen
But you continue with your resting
Future waiting for the blessings
Of a guru who can get you
All into the moment
Run, to the mother of your mind
Where the blind will cry
But the love inside is light
You'll come alive tonight
If you look into the center of my eyes
and die

Chorus 2X

Now is called the present
Cause its neverending blessing
Gives you neverending reverence
for the visions all around you
If you choose to listen
and revert to what your given
you can view without a limit
While the infinite surrounds you
Thought is just a gimmick
That is bought and sold as wisdom
and its walls uphold your prison
While the little things confound you
All you see is giving you
the balls to see the miracle
By falling from the spiritual
And bringing you profound truth
That the truth of living
Is your really non-existent
You're essentially a mimic
Of the critic that has bound you
The beginning and the ending
of the life you think your living
is resultant from decisions
That your ego makes to ground you
is so limitless and kind
It wears away your pride
That the ego chose to ride
It dissipates your cries
if you follow it through time
and arrive inside