Existence is Suffering (Lyrics)

from the forthcoming Joe Cyrus album The Space Between Thoughts

I had to write a song and dedicate it to the kids
Whose living situations put a face to living death
If you think your limit's met take a minute and reflect
How many seconds of the present do you waste in your regret?
I met a case his name was Jeff and in his face was nothing left
found him dead inside his basement lying naked under steps
What had taken this face to make the graven request?
Years of great anticipating days awake without neglect
then he finally slept
And sleep is the cousin of (yep)
At the wake a quiet grave with mom upstate in the pen
The sins of all the parents slice the skin of all the kin
Jeff was 10 and all embarrassed scraping food from garbage bins
After mom had failed at marriage trying hard to raise her kid
Turned to tricks to earn some carrots stead of living in the sticks
Then one day she met her pimp who set her up to do a bid
Jeff was stuck alone at home his only hope was slit a wrist...