Leave Your Past Behind (Lyrics)

from the forthcoming debut LP by Joe Cyrus, The Space Between Thoughts

Hook 2x

To all my people improving the music
moving the mood for the movement
Grooving and viewing
the sun and moon in attunement NOW
Rise Up as the Mastermind
Wise up, time's up leave your past behind

Verse 1

It's 2012 I wanna hang with some friends
I fuse the views inside the music vibes through tunes and a pen
Take it to a show and do it live for you and your men
Then take it home and I improve my lines to do it again
It's just the energy the ending begins
From everything that I have ever seen my memory brand
Every rendering and editing I etched with my hand
Any sentence that disseminates my infinite bend
And presently I'm sent for century's end
Been prepping me since the precession of the heavens began
To utilize the great fertility of earth as it lends
Ability for me to plant the seed of everything Zen
And I'm just a vessel for these plastic squares
that arrive through all the messages akasha airs
All the lessons of our life that grab with lasso snares
And compel us to developing enraptured stares

Hook 2x

Verse 2

So many blessings every second awake
So many lessons learned from every breath my memory takes
Every step, every direction whether meant or mistake
Every trip and fall's a free-for-all for seeing my hate
And I'm sharing portions, so I feed from my plate
Just give your hand to me I'll set you free with beats and break
Every man can be the remedy and teach one to wake
when the man can seek with clarity to see what awaits
So I'm staying humble, in the dream of the race
I'm just a little beam of energy that seems out of place
Just a lowly seam unfrayed that keeps the peace when it's laced
With the certainty that every dream's a piece of the cake
so share your purpose, just believe that you're great
Let mother earth give you the nourishment receive from the lake
Let the word provide encouragement and reach into space
And worry-free release the burdens that you see in your way

Hook 2x


Things gon change up either way
Light turns dark and seasons fade
Better start your life for evening hangs
Cause life ain't gonna wait

Each scene sings its sweet refrain
But each will leave to be replaced
You and me and things we made
But all is right in place

Verse 3

So often people stuck inside the limits seen from the brain
Stead of living within the minute your giving to play
Just sitting wishing different visions and it's spinning away
all the indifference is just impotence in infinite shame
Take a step toward your omnipotence in infinite shade
Just feel your heart and you'll be lit from it with intimate grace
In the dark is where you're sent to bring the century's face
Serving a sentence serving sentients your sentiments laced
Over instruments I impliment my sentence encased
inside the sediments that settle from my senses in space
It's sent direct in messages the mental in takes
And digests it into blessings that your cells can sustain
The cells become the building blocks for healing the frame
That eventually was meant to free the millions in pain
by perceiving through its reason all the seasons of change
And the meaning beyond the zenith that peaks in this plane