Why I left. Why I'm Back. Pt 3

What is the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency? This secret program laid the foundation for continuing the NAZI agenda after World War II in the United States of America. It is historical fact. I remember studying World War II in middle school and wondering how on Earth so many seemingly normal people could have allowed a dictator to arise in a first world country and commit such atrocious acts (I'm talking about Germany). Little did I realize that the exact same thing had occurred in the land that I cherished with such pride. But I had taken much for granted.

If Darwin's Theory of Evolution could be applied to the growth of Nations then Project MK Ultra would be the mechanism of its inception, much like natural selection for evolution. Utilizing a "trickle-down" theory, MK Ultra's mass human experimentation had the potential to directly control an entire population through the splitting of the human psyche via mass ritual. Much like Kubrick's black box in 2001: A Space Odyssey a television emitting waves in certain frequency ranges could be used to alter consciousness on a massive scale. In truth a small portion of the population controlling media outlets could indoctrinate an entire population.

Where do I fit into all this, or--more importantly-- you? I can only attempt to approach that subject with speculation from information that I have gathered on my own journey, as my memory of my past is currently incomplete , and I won't claim in good conscience that I have a complete understanding of another's journey as my own remains a fragment. One thing that is consistent in all my research is that the human psyche must be split through trauma sometime around the age of three in order to successfully re-program the individual to carry out the will of the master programmer. Furthermore, as the enraged, adolescent version of myself slowly gives back the reigns of my consciousness to the Self who chooses to understand its totality I must carefully divulge these past episodes of my upbringing while responsibly balancing an objective view of the past and a sensitivity to the right of the privacy of those people --whether consciously aware or not--involved in these delicate scenarios. After all, the indoctrination must be complete in order for it to work; therefore, the supposed "perpetrators" of my abuse must have also been under the control of a master programmer and must be forgiven for their unwitting participation in the experiment as their involvement could only have been the result of abuse they had also received in their past. This is an essential point for one to understand if one is to forgive and begin the process of healing. With that in mind, several indelible moments of my early experiences on the planet shed potential light on my purpose/involvement in these serious matters, and we shall examine these together chronologically.

My earliest memory of significance is as follows: I'm about two years old in my parents' home, and I run into my room after witnessing some horrible scene that I have blocked out involving my parents fighting. I look over at my sister's crib as I kneel down on my toy box, hands folded, I begin to pray for my sister's safety above all else. I must add that as this scene replays it's as if I'm beyond my body while I witness this act, yet simultaneously within the conscious mind of "Joey". This may be significant as a later story unfolds. In tandem with this time period of my life and connected with the house where this incident occurred I must also state that I have frequent bed time memories involving a witch tapping on my window as I lay trying to sleep. I remember resisting her call, and refusing to succumb to her will though her attempts--at least in my mind--persisted through much of my childhood in that house.