Black Hole Verse

Ever thought you'd slip into the edge of a black hole?/ This rap soul-catcher is the end of your wack goals/ Verse is like the rapture/ Light bends and the glass broke/ The last mold fractured/ then you're sent to the last hope/My scope/Aperture of a cast woke/ from lassos to capture the vast past of the vassals/ Blast holes with catapults crashed fast to the castle/ Raps shatter the cattle that grass sat in the battle/ I grasp a ax like the asp rattles to addle/ So step back or get clapped/ You ain't passing the hallowed/ If you try to challenge you'll get left in the shadows/ I'm true depth/ You got no pool, you shallow/ Saddle up to travel down the annals in barrels/ The sands move past the hands of time faster than arrows/ Camera snaps, the candle wax, surrender your shine/ and stammer back cause all goes black, the end of this line/