Space Gorillaz (Lyrics)

Gorilla silhouette/ Soaked ink inside your syllabus/ Line strokes, the spine of the lie-soaked villages/ Personified light, on a rhinestone pilgrimage/ Still-frame rhymes fractal in freestyle images/ Brilliance mirrored/ Pirouetting ear-ward/ Penetrating perfectly the mind filter's interior/ the Infinite, intimate to its infant initiate/ Potent potentiate slowly molding the limitless/ Wisdom's crystal vision freeing seers from prison/ The tree of life's seeds being seen in the prisms/ Winter's silken snow down in pendulum flakes/ The hum-drum of the "known" loud in gelatin shapes/ Out of the skeleton-faced proud on terrestrial scapes/ The deep growl of iniquities questions awakes/ Deep slumbering pity on Celestial scapes/ But is it Saint Gabe or Grim Reaper who takes you to fate?